Dr Wong spent most of his early school years in Melaka before heading to Melbourne, Australia in 1988 to further his studies. Having graduated with a general medical degree from the University of Melbourne in 1994, he proceeded to work initially as an intern, then as a research graduate until 1997. His time “Down Under” culminated with a published research paper on using ultrasound scanning to study the blood supply to the eye.

In 1998, another move took place, this time to the United Kingdom (UK) to begin training in Ophthalmology. By 2006, he was recognized as a fully-trained eye specialist and subsequently published yet another research paper, this time on the use of laser to treat certain types of retinal detachment.

Over the next 2 years, more specific training in Medical Ophthalmology and Retinal diseases followed in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Manchester. At the time, Medical Ophthalmology was a new area of expertise focusing on eye inflammation, eye complications resulting from diabetes, and nerve or brain abnormalities affecting vision.

Exactly 2 decades later in 2008, Dr Wong returned to Malaysia well endowed with the knowledge and experience necessary to meet rising healthcare demands pertaining to his area of specialization in Melaka, and now looks forward to serving a variety of patients in this part of the world.