Dr Liu Han Seng obtained his primary medical degree under the Public Service Department scholarship from the International Medical University in 2002. As a medical student, he was awarded the Dr Saidi Hashim Memorial Gold Medal in 1999 for his outstanding academic achievement./p>

Upon completion of housemanship, Dr Liu trained as a medical officer in the Ophthalmology department of Hospital Melaka. During this period, he obtained certificate from the International Council of Ophthalmology in 2004. Subsequently, he received his Masters degree in Ophthalmology from the National University of Malaysia in 2010. He was gazetted as an ophthalmologist by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia in 2010 and was registered as an ophthalmologist in the National Specialist Registry (NSR).

Thereafter, he held the post of Consultant and Head of Department of Ophthalmology in Hospital Batu Pahat from 2010-2012. Being the primary eye surgeon there, he gained much clinical & surgical experience managing a vast variety of ophthalmic patients and further refined his skills in eye micro-surgery, particularly phaco cataract surgery. He strongly believes in the importance of primary prevention and was instrumental in organizing numerous eye campaigns to improve public awareness of eye health.

Dr. Liu is proficient in various eye surgeries, especially cataract surgery by phacoemulsification, including implantation of premium intraocular lenses to correct astigmatism and presbyopia. He also provides comprehensive eye care in medical retinal diseases and glaucoma. These include conditions like diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, retinal vascular occlusive disease, retinal breaks, acute angle closure glaucoma etc., by giving treatment like intravitreal anti-VEGF injection and argon laser photocoagulation.

Dr Liu is actively involved in continuous medical education. He regularly participates in various national and international ophthalmic conferences to keep abreast with the latest advancement in surgical techniques and evidence based management of ophthalmic disorders