Izzah Azreena our resident ocularist. She is a qualified optometrist and a certified ocularist and has been working in ISEC since March 2014.

Izzah graduated as an optometrist from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2012. Upon graduating, she worked in an optical retail outlet for a short while before joining the ISEC staff. Her past occupations include spending a year as a full time volunteer for The Malaysian Glaucoma Society & Save Ones Sight Mission and a part-time event manager for the social enterprise, Dialogue in the Dark.

Recognising her talent and interest in art and handiwork, she was sponsored by ISEC to undergo the ocularistry course at the Center for Sight in Hyderabad India. There, she was exposed to a variety of eye conditions and gained vast experience in making realistic prosthesis and scleral shells for adults and children.

An ocular prosthetics laboratory has since been established in ISEC for the making of ocular prosthetics. ISEC now has the full range of ocular reconstructive services making it one of the few centres in the region to offer the full gamut of oculoplastic and reconstruction surgery with ocular prosthesis service.