The Visian ICL™ and Visian TICL™ @ ISEC

There are many unique advantages of STAAR® Surgical Company’s Visian ICL™.
For years, the only method of permanent vision correction that didn’t involve glasses or contact lenses was corrective laser eye surgery like LASIK or PRK. With the advent of the Visian ICL ( a phakic intraocular lens ), however, that’s all changed. Now, you can enjoy “High Definition Visian™” – vision correction that’s sharper, clearer, more vivid, and has greater depth and dimension – in a simple, 15-20 minute outpatient procedure.

The Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer® Lens) and the Visian TICL (Toric Collamer ICL) are posterior chamber phakic intraocular lenses designed for treatment of refractive errors. The Visian ICL is available in the United States (FDA Approved since 2005) and internationally to treat myopia and hyperopia (long sightedness). The Visian TICL is designed to treat myopic astigmatism. Worldwide, over a Quarter of a Million Visian ICLs have been implanted to date.
Both ICL and TICL have been implanted successfully in many happy patients at ISEC Malaysia since 2007.

Overview of the Visian ICL™ and Visian TICL™

The Visian ICL is used for the correction of myopia and hyperopia .

The features of the Visian ICL include:

  • Exceptional Quality of Vision – Provides high quality of vision and favorable outcomes of stability
  • Removable – Does not permanently alter the eye’s structure or shape
  • Biocompatible – Biologically quiet in eye due to Collamer composition
  • Versatility – Can correct wider range of myopia than LASIK or PRK
  • Small Incision / Foldability – 3.0 mm incision not likely to induce astigmatism
  • Performance – Clinical trial patients reported over 99 percent vision satisfaction
  • Familiar Implantation Procedure – Surgical procedure takes minutes and is similar to IOL implantation procedures or cataract surgery
  • Maintenance free

The first phakic intraocular lens for correcting myopic astigmatism, the Visian TICL is the toric version of the Visian ICL.
In addition to the features listed above for the Visian ICL, the sulcus location of STAAR Surgical Company’s phakic IOL allowed for the toric option to be designed and used for treatment of myopic patients with astigmatism.

The Visian ICL and TICL is available for patients with myopia (short-sightedness) between -4.0 and -20.0 and astigmatism of 1D to 4D.

Wide Treatment Range and High patient Satisfaction

The Visian ICL has proven to be effective in patients within a wide range of refractive errors. In fact, the Visian ICL can correct myopia from as low as -3.0 diopters to -16.0 diopters and reduce myopia from -16.0 diopters up to as high as -20.0 diopters with or without astigmatism. Before now, some of these individuals were not candidates for surgical or LASIK eye correction. Clinical studies have shown how the Visian ICL is truly a breakthrough myopia treatment in terms of vision correction results. Because implantation of the phakic IOL does not require any structural alteration of the eye, results are predictable and very stable

FDA studies showed that about 95 percent of 294 myopic patients receiving the Visian ICL implant achieved 20/40 or better vision without need for glasses or other correction.

A British study published in May 2010 compared outcomes of phakic IOL implantation versus laser refractive surgery (like LASIK ) for correction of moderate to higher levels of nearsightedness, also referred to as short-sightedness. In findings involving 228 eyes of 132 patients, people who underwent phakic IOL implantation instead of refractive surgery procedures such as LASIK generally had clearer vision as well as better contrast sensitivity.

Over 15 years of research and development has made the Visian ICL a leader in phakic IOL technology. There have been over a Quarter of a Million Visian ICL implants performed worldwide. And when asked about the procedure, over 99% of the patients were highly satisfied.

The Visian ICL and TICL Candidate

Good candidates for the Visian ICL include patients who:

  • Are between the ages of 21 and 45.
  • Are nearsighted (myopic) with or without astigmatism or farsighted (hyperopic) , including those with mild, moderate, and severe myopia (as low as -3D to as high as -20D prescription) with astigmatism of up to 4.0 diopters.
  • Have sufficient anterior chamber depth and acceptable endothelial cell density (this must be determined by an ophthalmologist after a comprehensive eye exam).
  • Have not had a change in their eyeglass prescription of more than 0.5D in a year.
  • Are not currently pregnant.
  • Have no other contraindications including no known allergies to medications used during refractive surgery.
  • Have dry eyes, severe myopia, or a thin cornea (non-LASIK candidate).

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